My name is Rizal Fakhri, 21 years old, I'm from Indonesia 🇮🇩🇮🇩. I'm a Backend Developer, code PHP a lots, Laravel  most of the time.

It's been unknown years since my first `Hello World`, I learn lot of things since then, such as best practices, design patterns, etc.

I love to see how things work, even though it will drag me down into the darkness of unknown, but those feelings when I finally got the "Aha!" moment are priceless.

Some of which are figuring out how "Illuminate(i)" hide The Power Of Pipeline in order to runs their Middleware! Discovering stuff is fun!

Anyway, this is some of my skills

Those skills have been helping me out during my works, and I get some of which while doing my works. Thanks to Mr. Experiences below!


PT. Procyon Logikreasi Indonesia

Fullstack Developer @ Jakarta, Indonesia 🇮🇩

Working on multiple projects, that have similar functionality is challenging, especially when you need to avoid repeatedly writing same code, so on this company, I built reusable components so it can be used on cross-project. such as

  • Dynamic Email Templating using [placeholder].
  • Multiple Payment Gateway using registry patterns.
  • Authentication scaffolding including OAuth authentication using 3rd party services.
  • Dynamic SMTP Setting by extending the Laravel's Swiftmailer
  • Base components, such as Settings, Authentication, Notification channels, Assets Storage, etc.
  • Centralized package tracking number services.

And the technology we are using is

  • Laravel as the main framework.
  • Angular JS as the front end & also used on the mobile app (ionic).
  • Lumen for the 3rd party services.
  • Redis for caching and real-time pub-sub service
  • MySQL Database
  • Mailgun & Sendgrid integration for SMTP
  • Logwatch
  • Nginx Reverse Proxy
  • Load Balancing using HAProxy & Nginx
  • Automatic SSL Provisioning using Let's Encrypt

The field we are mostly working on is e-commerce based, so we're most likely has similar functionality between project, and by building those dynamic & reusable environments really helps us to move on as fast as possible to the next project, and at the same time keeping the old project scalable.

Ultrack Technology Sdn Bhd (TrackerHero)

Backend Developer @ Cyberjaya, Malaysia 🇲🇾

TrackerHero is a Workforce Management system, That basically foccusses on Security Fields. This is the first time I working on this kind of project, And the lesson is, Amazing!

Like, How Real-Time data affect the Security of an Assets, How downtime costs lots of money, How Security operate, etc.

From Technical perspective, This is quite challenging though, Dealing with real-time data, a huge HTTP traffic from APIs, 3rd party services, Webhooks, Custom Requirements, Offline data, etc.

But, this is the things that I foccussed the most

  • Building powerfull APIs to fit the Client Requirements.
  • Multiple Reporting Templates using Registry Patterns.
  • Aggresive Caching using Redis.
  • Distributing Assets through multiple Object Storage.
  • Real-Time data push using pub-sub powered by Pusher™.
  • Internal Real-Time data push using Websocket.
  • Multi-Threading browser HTTP request to make our dashboard seamless using Web-Worker™.
  • AWS integration, from S3 to CloudFront distribution.
  • Simple Mail To Protocol using AWS SES.
  • Bounce & Complain reports using AWS SNS.
  • Queues Jobs using AWS SQS.
  • On-The-Fly image manipulation using AWS Lambda.
  • Centralized SessionID.
  • Building Database Cluster using Galera.
  • Building and Scaling Redis Cluster using Sentinel.
Working here been encourage me to learn more & taught me a priceless time!

Those process also improve my communication skills! My English also improved!, So here are some of languages that I speak.


  • Javanese (Native)
  • My parents are Sundanese-Javanese, But I grow up on Jawa, So I more to Javanese native speaker, I also understand a little bit of Sundanese but that's just some of pieces, can't put it together.

  • Bahasa Indonesia (Native)
  • I speak Bahasa Indonesia most of the time. But the Slang, not the Original.

  • English (Still Learning)
  • Well I believe I'm good at reading and sometimes listening, But I need to improve my Pronouncing. and my grammar..

Well, Thank you very much for your time Checking Out my CV, If you need to reach me out, Please contact me at :