Hello World, Pal!

August 05, 2019

Hi Everyone!

Welcome To The Club

Finnaly! My first post on my first personal blog. A litle nervous BTW.

Errr.. yeah! There will be more content on this blog, (hopefully 🥶).

First of all, My name is Rizal Fakhri, if you want to follow me on social media, you can go to /. (if you know what i mean though.)

Nah! just kidding, just click This and scroll to bottom.



I see.., you’re kinda lazy…, so here: Twitter, Instagram & GitHub.

Well, you know I code Laravel a lots, So I think you will see lots of Laravel things here. Despite Laravel I do learn other things too. Hopefully I can share it as well.

Okay, Here the things.. Let’s be honest, I have very little experience on explaining IT-stuff to other peoples, Like you know the IT-things is kinda very fast on your brain, You greatly understand it. But when it comes to explaining, it’s very hard.

But I’ll try my best, Promise! ✌️

Eleven's Promise

Well, That’s it, I guess. See you on another posts! Bye Bye!

Somi Bye Bye!

Rizal Fakhri

This is personal blog by Rizal Fakhri.
I wrote lots of code & opinions here, but pssst... sometimes weird things.